Online Education

The web is an amazing collection of no-cost resources for online students and lifelong learners. This webxschools.com distance learning site offers hundreds of links to free online courses and other no-cost learning materials. And, there are millions of other resources available to help anyone in their pursuit of learning. Many of us have begun to take open education resources for granted. But, every once and a while, it’s important to consider how these resources are supported. Without people taking the time to support no-cost learning opportunities, the web would offer learners little more than skateboarding videos and pictures of baby animals.

Open education advocates have done much in this area, but learning resources can continue to improve. Imagine a future where:
1. Collaborative textbooks can be downloaded to your computer or e-reader at no cost.
2. Millions of out-of-copyright books are available in digital and audio formats.
3. Opencourseware materials and massively open online classes (MOOCs) are provided by every university.
4. No-cost academic journals are available at the click of a mouse to anyone that’s interested.

These realistic possibilities could have a huge impact on our ability to learn freely.Supporters are open education are making it a goal to improve self-education on the web. Care to join in? Here are a few easy and impactful ways to help.

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